Ohio Theater Painting


Ohio Theater Painting

Hi Folks,

I’ve been a bit busy lately, and have been painting, just not publishing. However, I have been commissioned by the Mohican Historical Society to paint a picture of the restored Ohio Theater in Loudonville, Ohio as it was in the 1950’s. This will be an opportunity for you to follow along as I paint, and will also allow me to glean ideas and information from you who remember, or have information on the history of the theater.

I have, with the help of several local Folks, already done enough research to begin the painting. Here is where it is as of June 24th, 2014.

Ohio Theater Painting 1st

 The painting is on a 24 X 30 X 1-1/4 inch stretched canvas, and will be painted in acrylics. The composition of the painting includes the East side of North Water Street, looking south, from the north-west corner of the Theater to what is now the Hanover House Restaurant on the south side of Main Street.

This time period was before the new Farmers Bank was built, so there are several buildings that will be shown that no longer exist. The few referance photos that I have were shot from a different angle, and I am not certain of the time-frame that they represent.

To help you in dating this picture, the Fire Trucks were housed in the area to the left of the Theater; the Fire Department Offices were to the right, and the Public Library was upstairs. Pud’s Cafe was the first business to the south of the Theater, and D’s Restaurant was further down the street.

If you would like to contribute information, you can “Post” directly to this Blog, or if you have pictures, you can e-mail jpegs to rwalker548@bright.net or bring them by the Stonewall Gallery at 221 South Market (You can see the Painting at the same time) and I will scan them and give them back.

The painting must be completed before the Bicentennial Festival, because the Mohican Historical Society will be using it in a fund raising event during the Festival.

Incidentally, the Bicentennial will be held between August 6th and the 10th. You can get more info on the Bicentennial Festival by going to www.Mohican-Historical-Society.org and clicking on their “Events” page.

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1 Response to Ohio Theater Painting

  1. Gary Smith says:

    Thanks for the info/update, Robert! Sounds like a cool project. I honestly don’t remember any Ohio Theater in Loudonville, as I was born in ’52 and didn’t get down in the Loudonville area very often. I can barely remember the Ohio and the Madison Theaters in Mansfield back when I was a kid. Mostly spent my time on all the local park ballfields! I wish you well on this project and am interested in reading its history and watching your updates. Hope to get down to the Bicentennial days as well, but I’m hoping to see you guys sooner at the Tree!! Be safe and thanks again Gary

    Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 14:54:12 +0000 To: gs354@hotmail.com


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