Red-Tail, Second Clay 12 27 2015

Hi Folks,

Christmas is over for another year, and although I’ve been busy, here’s where the Red-tail is tonight.

Red-Tail2 12 27 17 Red-Tail Second Clay 12 27 15

I’ve added a considerable amount of detail to the driftwood, and I believe that it is almost ready for a first bake. According to what I have read, I should be able to bake the piece at a lower temperature (I thought I’d try 200 degrees) and set the detail that is already in place so it is not as easily damaged when I work on other parts of the sculpture. I will also still be able to add more clay to the sculpture even after it is baked. (That’s what the “Pros” are telling me at any rate.) I would probably have already begun to bake the base, however the “Christmas Cookies” took precedence.

This also explains why the hawk is sitting so high on the armature. I wanted to begin to add clay to the bird, but wasn’t ready to marry the bird and the base together, so I ran a screw through the the upright of the armature (you can see a screw driven through the armature just below the bird if you look carefully.) This allowed me to work on the hawk without doing too much damage to the base.

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3 Responses to Red-Tail, Second Clay 12 27 2015

  1. Ordinary Women says:

    Do a full bake on the base here is why when you bake at a lower temp or to short of time it makes the piece brittle. You can do a full regular bake and still add clay but your piece will be stronger. If you have problems getting the raw clay to adhere to the bake clay use a little bake and bond or liquid translucent clay. As long as you do not go over the recommended temp you can bake polymer clay over and over.


  2. Ted Byerly says:

    Hey –It looks good!

    At least you have something to show after Christmas instead of more weight!

    Will work on your other issue tonight



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