Red-tail Foot Armatures

Red Tail Foot Armatures

I’ve been working on the Hawk for a couple of days, and in particular on the Hawk’s right leg. If you check out the upper left corner of the pictures, you might get an idea of how far I got.

However, the almost completed foot, even though it has armatures internal to it, along with the Hawk will at some point need to be lifted off the branch and fired on its own. When that happens, there is no way that the legs will remain stable. After the firing, there is very little chance that the feet will still fit on the branch as they are supposed to.

Therefore, I am taking a different direction. I have assembled the wire (12 gauge electical wire) armatures shown above, stabilized them with super glue, and will now bend them to fit the branch. Once that is done, I will remove them and sculpt the polymer clay over them, and then fire them separately. Once they are hardened, I will reattach the two to the bird, and when the bird is complete, will fire the overall assembly of Hawk and Feet once again.

That shouldn’t be hard—-

Signature 3 copy

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  1. Ted Byerly says:

    Looks like a lot patiences to me!


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