Screech Owls Armature and First Clay

Hi Folks,

There were a couple of our Artists at the Wine Festival last weekend and while I was there I started work on my next sculpture. This is the armature for that sculpture.

Screech Owls Armature

As you can see it is built using PVC pipe fittings and is mounted to a piece of 3.4 inch plywood. The four upright pipes will be internal to the four owls, and the rest of the armature will be inside the branch structure. The heads of the screws circling the radius of the plywood are there so that the clay that follows will have something to form around and add strength to the overall sculpture.

Screech Owl First Clay

I was in the Mill from Noon until 7:00 PM, so I had some time to begin to add clay to the sculpture. The light was poor so it may be a bit difficult to see the detail, but here it is. The beginning of my new sculpture:

“Where Owls Get Their Wisdom”

Signature 3 copy

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