Bison, First Clay

I think that it’s time for you to see where I’m going with this sculpture, even though there’s “miles to go before I sleep.


Like I said, I’m just getting started, but among other things, this bison is “way too happy” to be having wolves attack him.

But that is for another day,

Signature 3 copy

About The Late Emerging Artist

This is the site of "The Emerging Artist's Newsletter. I use it to track the progress of the Art that I am currently creating. The typical Newsletter publishes once or twice a month, depending of how creative I am at any given time.
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2 Responses to Bison, First Clay

  1. Ted Byerly says:

    I did notice the smile on the bison face-BEFORE I READ YOUR COMMENT.—does that make me a sculpture critic?


    • You are definitely a sculpture critic extraordinaire. However upon closer consideration I believe that the smile will be resolved without me doing anything. The Bison doesn’t know about the Wolves yet. When he finds out about them, I’m pretty sure that will wipe that silly grin off his face.


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