Bear Carving End of the Third Week 9/2/2017

I’ve been chain-sawing or a third week, and although the chainsaw moves fast, my brain doesn’t. I need to keep in mind that once I cut it off, it ain’t going to grow back. So, with that in mind, along with the knowledge that the tree is hollow, and will require a redesign of the overall sculpture, here is the new plan.

This is a side view

These are both cubs, and the “Mama Bear” is no longer there. Depending on how the hollow spot in the center of the tree works out, there may be a third cub, but we’ll need to see about that.

Here is where I am right now. September 2, 2017. If I do get to bring in a third cub, the nose will be just above and to the left of the setting cub.

Check out that pile of sawdust,

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